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Macau 2012, butterfly heads

Macau 2012, butterfly bodies

Saphire blue fade

Translucency in butterfly bodies

Detail of wing optics


Poppy petal production, test fitting

Poppy color saturation test, unit 1

Grande tulip production

Grande tulip production #1, overview

Grande tulip test fit to armature

Grande tulip armature fitting


Grande tulips on site, Detroit

Twelve foot leaf: first coat

Twelve foot leaf: 3rd coatt

Twelve foot leaf finishing

Making ice!

Fine tuning Austria Ice Burst fit

Mid-production, Austria Ice Burst project

Grande leaf armature welding

Grande leaf A: armature

Grande leaf A: assembled. (note light transmission)


Grande leaf B: assembled, prior to stripping and painting

Armature kit C: pre-assembly

Grande leaf C: fully assembled

Grande leaf D: fully assembled

Five man Ice Burst production

Test assembly, 36 spike outdoor Ice Burst

36 spike outdoor Ice Burst, test unit 1

Proof of concept, hexagons with pentagons, 18 foot diameter